Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Trent was an avid outdoors man.  And I say man because even at 15 years old he was definitely becoming a man.  He was beginning to be able to do so much around the farm.  The last trip we took up north was over labor day weekend.  Which was just a few days before his accident.  We were so busy (or so I thought at the time). I was preparing my classroom for another school year.  Ashley was beginning her first year of college.  We had just moved her into an apartment which was a life changing time for all of us.  Brad was swamped with the logging business and trying to get ready for the fall harvest season.  All Trent had on his mind was taking another trip to the U.P.  trail riding on our atv's.  He was so intent on going that he got the truck and trailer around.  Loaded everyone's quads and dirt bikes just so that his dad wouldn't have to try to fit it in to his busy work schedule.  He even had to fix the brakes on the trailer and change a tire.  Something is always broke around the farm. 
We went on that trip thanks to Trent getting everyone around. 
We had a great time together as a family that weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa Shrontz even went with ( their one and only time).  The one thing that sticks out to me that weekend was when Trent clogged the toilet .. he was always clogging the toilet wherever we went!  The toilet over flowed and when I asked if he did it all I got was one big shit eating grin and "I couldn't help it". 
I miss that shit eating grin with the dimples!
That was our last family event with Trent.
Our perspective has changed on what busy really is. 


  1. You are quite a storyteller Kris. Your stories always strike a chord in me. Maybe it's your voice, I can always "hear" you telling the story as I read along, or maybe it's the emotions that your words evoke within me. Either way, thanks for sharing your story today.

  2. You took me through every emotion in this piece. A great writer does that.