Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spiritual Signs

Signs from the spiritual world are all around us.  We often though are not in tune enough to notice.  These signs are often encouragement from someone special trying to guide you in life here on Earth as you search for answers to questions.  Questions that may or may not have any answers at least for now.  
Every day I search.  I know it's an endless search at least during my lifetime. Someday I will have answers.  Meanwhile I am trying to accept and look for signs to guide me through this journey.

Blue JayLooking outside my living room window while contemplating some major life decisions I catch a glimpse of two colorful birds.  One a blue jay that flaps it's wings landing skillfully on a branch for a moment. The other a crimson red cardinal that gracefully lands on a branch perching there. 

Cardinals are known to be a sign from the heaven.  Cardinal has the Latin meaning of hinge.  Like found on gates or doors.  A gateway from Earth to the spiritual world carrying a special message. 
Blue Jays are bright blue bold birds that have very few friends often flying in squawking at any other intruders that might want to hone in on their territory.  Also, known to carry spiritual messages of clarity and strength. 

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For now I don't have answers but I have signs which for now will give me the strength to step forward.  Paying close attention to spiritual signs. 

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  1. Wow, so many powerful words here. I can feel all the depth of what you are grappling with and hope the birds and other signs that follow help you find the clarity you are seeking. Beautiful words.