Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Holey Sock

I have a hole in my sock!
It started first thing this morning and progressively got worse.  My big toe started the day all snug in the sock where it belonged.  Then it slowly began peeking its way out and then before long it was completely out.  The feeling is so annoying and made it difficult to focus.  As the day progressed my attitude was reflecting the hole in my sock.  My patience was getting thin.  I know it is wrong but what do you do when your toe is out of your sock?  To top it off I had conferences until late!  It was difficult to NOT think about the irritation that was taking place in my shoe when you are trying to have a conversation about how their child is doing in class.  
Occasionally I will darn my socks when small holes begin to emerge but this sock doesn't deserve a second chance.  It will be going right in the trash can as soon as possible!


  1. How easy it was to relate to this! I find this happens a lot with my panty hose. Ugh! Thanks for sharing this vivid description.

  2. I hate that sensation, too! I like to think about how hard it is for some of my students to put up with these weird sensory adjustments...such as, tags in the shirt, seams in the socks, tight cuffs on sleeves...it's a good reminder that it is hard for adults to concentrate with these weird things, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it...the story, not the hole. As the day progressed my attitude was reflecting the hole in my sock. Too funny!