Friday, March 3, 2017

Pubishing and Editing

Looking around the computer lab today I was amazed at how far the first graders have come learning how to navigate Google Docs and the keyboard.  I couldn't help but feel a little proud of their accomplishments. 
Some were using both hands to navigate the keyboard while others were getting efficient at pecking out the letters one by one.  We were working on publishing their expertise books that their classroom teachers had been working on.  Skills that I was able to reinforce were: capitalizing proper nouns, and beginning of sentences.  We talked about underlining titles and having ending marks when your thought is complete.  Many were concerned that their spelling wasn't all correct, which they knew because it had a red line under the word.  So, I was coaching them on using  a word dictionary and spell check, making sure the word they changed it to made sense. 
When our time ended many of them groaned that they weren't done yet and I had to reassure them that it was a project that will take some time to perfect. 
As I looked around I realized that they cared about what they were writing and it was exciting to watch how they were applying editing skills while using word processing. 
It seemed like only a few weeks ago that it took at least twenty minutes to just get logged in and now they are producing work that they want to share with an audience. 
I can't wait to see what they will be able to do by the end of the year!


  1. How nice to see such progress already! I'm sure they will treasure their final pieces.

  2. This. This is how you get kids excited to write, to edit, to revise. This is a way to hook some of the writers in the classroom. Sound like a rewarding experience for all and how exciting for you to see such growth!

  3. I can relate with your post being a first grade teacher myself! Every Friday, I give my students 5 minutes to write as many words as they can! Some started writing just letters, some a few words that were nonsense words and a couple with 5-10 real words that they and others could read. I just started asking them to do the writing spree on Abcya (Story maker) during our weekly computer time. All are typing real words and sometimes 4 pages of real words double spaced! Teaching first graders allows us to witness some amazing progress in 10 months scoically, academically and emotionally! Very rewarding for sure!

  4. I love it when things like this happen. It is a visible example of what we are doing beginning to take hold. I have to remind myself that there are lots of invisible moments that are a result of my teaching as well. As there are for you too! So glad you had this experience. It really fills your soul when you see the fruits of your labor.