Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Life Milestones

Life Milestones

030117Like every day on my way home I crank the radio up listening and singing along to the tunes winding down from a hectic day at work.  Today Shania Twain's song "I feel like a woman"!-i-feel-like-a-woman/USMNV0300062
was playing as soon as I got in my truck. 
To anyone else this would be just another song on the radio touting woman power but to me it means so much more.  It is one of those unannounced memories in life that knocked on my door and continues today to linger around to remind me of those real milestones in my life. 
It takes me back to a neighborhood picnic celebrating an anniversary on a warm summer afternoon in their backyard.  Some guests were playing bad mitten in the yard others were giving the karaoke a try under the tent.  My husband and I were hanging out, visiting with friends when the Shania Twain song came floating through the air.
Our daughter, eight at the time and our son, five years old shot passed us, on a dead run for the tent.  Ashley and Trent arrived at the microphone at the same time singing "I feel like a woman..."  at the top of their lungs.  Then the game was on, pushing and shoving each other all the while not missing a note in the song.  Quickly it became a brawl, rolling around on the lawn. 
I'm not sure if we were more embarrassed with the idea that our children were fighting on the lawn in front everyone or that our son was singing "I feel like a woman" at the top of his lungs and willing to fight his sister to be the one at the microphone.
A small sliver of a memory in my life but one miniscule milestone that will "simply never leave".  Those days long gone I have come to discover my life is measured by these small life milestones. Days gone by. 


  1. Love the image of the kids rolling around and singing this song. Great description.

  2. Ha! Your post makes me giggle at the thought of the kids rolling in the yard and nostalgic for those carefree moments of youth. As a parent, these moments are precious.

  3. I love when you post memories. This one is so funny and I can just imagine the horror and delight!