Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Visit to the Hair Salon

My daughter is always looking out for me: doing my bookwork, picking up sheep feed, making appointments... on and on.  I am so grateful for it, too. 
Thursday, Ashley informed me that she had made a hair appointment for Saturday.  "Cool!  I can't remember that last time I've taken time to get my hair cut." I told her.
"Yeah, me either and I have a uni brow going on that I need taken care of." Ashley replied.

 Saturday arrived, Ashley and I headed to the hair salon along with her two step kids, Audrie ,5yrs old and Kassen, 15 months old.
As soon as we walked in we recognized our neighbor Sandy who had her five year old granddaughter with her.  Audrie was excited to have another little girl to play with and Ashley immediately  sat down next to Sandy to chit chat.
 Meanwhile, I had a hold of Kassen who got his second hair cut and hammed it up!  He loved the clippers as they tickled his skin and he giggled and showing his adorable dimples.  

Then it was my turn... I took my seat and showed Beth, the hair stylist a picture that I had pinned on Pintrest.  Beth claimed she loved it and made double sure that was I wanted  since she was going to cut lots of hair off.  As she began to cut we gossiped about everyone in our neighborhood... the one that is getting a divorce and thinks that he is the local Rico Suave because he's lost 65 pounds and is hitting on every single woman in the area, the ex-wife that Beth saw crying at her picnic table down by the road while walking her dog and how her son will be turning 21 in just a few weeks. 
The kids were running back and forth in the salon, and Beth ignored it all and kept cutting.  Ashley and Beth reminisced about the old days, Beth kept cutting.  Kassen  run back and forth playing peek-a-boo with me, Beth kept cutting.  Audrie and the other little girl were giggling with each other , Beth kept cutting.
Then Beth was done.  Let's just say it's a good thing hair grows back!

We all left the hair salon with hair cuts and our eyebrows waxed...  now that's another story!  Mission accomplished.


  1. I really like the way you kept repeating the line" Beth kept on cutting" it really adds to the story. I could really picture what was going on in the salon.

  2. I enjoyed your piece and wonder if when Beth kept cutting, were you okay with the final result? Was it close to your picture? I think maybe it was a bit too much with the line, Let's just say it's a good thing hair grows back. It sounds like you were brave and will be until it grows a bit.

  3. I also like the repeating line. Your description sounds so real- and it reminds me of the scene in Steel Magnolias, where everyone is getting their hair done and having those conversations that can only be had in a hair salon!

  4. This was a crack up! I realized quite quickly that Beth was a cutting and cutting and a talking and a talking....OOPS! Don't worry, I will compliment you like crazy on Monday. Loved this one.