Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Show Off

As I pull into the driveway at the farm tonight after work my dog, Hoss greets me.  He is leaping in front of my truck to slow me down. I put my truck in park and cautiously open the door.  Hoss has his head in the crack of the door wagging his whole body. 
"Stay down!"  I command him.  "You are a disaster!" I talk to him as he leaps in the air.
Hoss has mud caked on his belly and down his legs.  While I visit with Ashley and Jake in the office Hoss is trying to vie for my attention.  He rams his nose in my leg.  His nose is hard.  I reach down and pat him on the head because that is the only area that is not covered in mud. 
Someone pulls up and he starts barking with that shrill yapping.  He runs to the window leaping on the bench to get a better view all the while carrying on with that loud annoying bark.
"Hoss!  Stop!  Get out of here if you're going to bark"  Ashley yells at him.
So, quickly he jumps down and runs out the doggy door barking the whole way, the doggy flap slaps shut behind him.  Just as quickly he comes tearing back in the office hitting the doggy door with his hard nose and head in full force.  SMACK! the door slaps shut. 
Hoss bolts to the office chairs and takes a flying leap with mud dripping off his belly on to the fabric of the chairs. 
Simultaneously, Jake and I yell "Get Down!" 
Getting down quickly knowing that he is in trouble he throws himself down under the desk with a loud, long groan and lays his head on his paws.  Then from under the desk he looks up at me with those brown eyes.
"Your child acts like brat when you show up!"  Jake looks at me and says matter of fact.
I guess my dog just needs some attention.  I just wish he wouldn't wallow in the mud. 
Dogs.... hmmmm....... kids........ hmmmmm so many similarities.  :)


  1. YES. They are a part of our lives...we ARE their lives.

  2. This is what I have to look forward to this spring... From my kids and the new puppy! I'm sure they will all find plenty of mud to wallow in!

  3. Oh this brings back memories! Our puppy used to weasel in between us if we tried to sit by each other as his way of demanding attention. And he would Always dig in the mud, but hated getting his paws cleaned. Kind of like our children--they love getting muddy, but hate the showers that come after the fact! Great post!

  4. As I started reading this I thought, "I wonder if he's going to jump on the furniture?" Every time I take my dog out right now we are dealing with wet and muddy paws. Why can't they like the soapy water bath the same way they like the mud bath?