Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Puppy Discoveries

The hint of spring is not only bringing out the animals at school but also here at the farm.
 Our rather large Mountain Bernese puppies greeted me at the door wagging their tails hoping I was there to spread some love amongst the brothers.  I soon was stopped dead in my tracks by the very pungent odor.  "Oh my!  Boys have discovered a skunk!"  Their only response was to wag their tails and leap straight in the air oblivious to the fact that they stunk to high heaven!  Let's just say they were very confused for a few days on why I wouldn't just give them a big bear hug. 
Puppy Discovery #1- Skunks.
This morning when our driver came to work like any other day he tipped the hood on the semi to check the oil and then quickly changed his mind because for there on the engine hissing at Mike was a rather perturbed raccoon. The boys decided when raccoons run that it's the chase is great fun.  I've heard of dogs treeing a raccoon but not "semi - ing" one.  Mike drove off thinking that the raccoon would just skedaddle out from under the hood when he got rolling.  When he arrived at the woods to load logs on the flatbed trailer there sitting on the deck was that same raccoon, no worse for wear.  The raccoon climbed under the cab of the semi and aboard the trailer for a chilly ride to a new destination  that is.....Dog Free!
Puppy Discovery #2 - Raccoons.
What will be next?


  1. Aren't puppies so much fun and such a mess all at the same time? :) I can't imagine finding them covered in SKUNK! LOL Sorry for chuckling. Your story is very entertaining from this side of the computer screen.

  2. Thank you for including a picture of those adventurous pups! What fun they are having.

  3. They are so, so cute! Even if they are a little stinky!

  4. Oh no! We just agreed to a puppy and reading the skunk story just about made me change my mind! I'll start praying we never encounter that situation right now!

  5. Wow, those are some adventurous puppies and interesting discoveries. You have to wonder what they are thinking when something new pops into their world. Such curiosity.