Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Never Too Young

Another snow day!  I thought I would never say this but this is getting ridiculous.   We will be going through June to make up the days!
On the bright side of this snow day is I got to spend it with my grandson, Kassen. 
He has always had this obsession with books.  When he was only 10 months old he would sit in your lap to look at a book.  He is 15 months now and still has that passion for books.  Of course I had to nurture this and dug out all of my kids books from their childhood along with purchasing some. 
My enthusiasm spread to my daughter who also is reading to Kassen from her children's book collection that I had been accumulating for her. Not only that but she is constantly on the look out for good deals in the used book stores and second hand stores.  I have to chuckle when she proudly shows me her treasures.  Most of the books that Ashley chooses for Kassen are the classics that I had read to her when she was a little girl and now they are his favorites. 
Kassen Picks:  Brown Bear, Brown Bear
                         The Hungry Caterpillar
                         The Artist Who Painted The Blue Horse- along with several other Eric Carle books
                         Giant Machines
                         Foot Book
                         John Deere Farm
                         Itsy Bitsy Spider
                         The Little Blue Truck
He loves the farm and so I have to make sure that we have lots of books about tractors, trucks, combines, horses, sheep, cows or pigs. 
One evening their family was shopping in the mall.  As they strolled through the toy store Kassen giggled, pointed and babbled at the trucks, tractors, and other toys.  When they strolled into the bookstore and down the children's aisle he went crazy. He was reaching for them all, going absolutely crazy to get a hold of a book! 
I am just hoping that this will be an indicator that he will be a successful reader as he grows older. 


  1. What a sweet story! There is something about a child who lives to read that warms the heart. I hope his love continues forever...with your nurturing, I'm sure it will! Now, don't forget about Pete the Cat, Elephant and Piggie, David Shannon books, Pigeon books, Llama Llama books, Chicka Chicka Book many good ones, so little time!

  2. How did I miss this?!!! I love it. You're going to definitely help nurture that love of books. It's great you were able to pull out books from your own children's collection. How awesome for Kassen to get to hold those same books and love them just as they did.