Monday, March 17, 2014

Reading Emergencies

I've started this new book Reading in the Wild  written by Donalyn Miller. The part that really struck me was when she was talking about "reading emergencies".  Which is basically grabbing time to read whenever or wherever you can.  Always packing something to read when you go places so that if you happen to have a few spare minutes you can build up a reading life. 
While I was reading this book I was sitting in our truck with Ashley, Jake and Brad.  when I had gotten home from school Ashley wondered if I wanted ride along with them to look at a semi trailer they were thinking about buying.  So, wavering between sitting at home by myself and riding in a truck for 3 hours I decided that if I went with them I could talk Brad into buying dinner for me.  I ran to the house after quickly doing chores, changed my shoes and then quickly looked around me I grabbed two books for the ride.  Both books that I picked up for myself at our school book fair.  Of course I wasn't going to read two books but I just couldn't help myself.  I read in between conversations in the truck and while they were looking at the semi trailers. 
When I was reading this passage in the book about "reading emergencies" I realized something important about my reading life.  I carry a book just about every where I go so that I can grab some regular reading time in those spare moments of my busy life.  Often times I am carrying two books: one a professional book and the other one for pleasure.  As I come to this realization I look over at Ashley and she also has with her a novel with a cowgirl on the cover.  She also is prepared for a "reading emergency" carrying with her a book for pleasure that in her busy life she would probably never have time to read unless she carries it with her wherever she goes. 
It just seems so often that children's response to reading at home is that they are too busy and don't have time but I need to show them a peek into my reading life so maybe they will realize that yes they too can catch some reading moments in the most unsuspecting places: on the bus, waiting for practice to start, while riding with your dad in the truck, while they are eating breakfast, waiting for a doctor's appointment, etc. 


  1. Reading during edge times really adds up. Isn't it so true that wild readers have this figured out!

  2. What a great way to keep up with your reading--"reading emergencies". I love it! I wonder if you could make up a cute classroom case of an emergency...a book in a glass box. ;-)

  3. YES! Sharing our reading and writing lives with our students really opens them up to these worlds. I am so happy you are reading Donalyn's book!