Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Walk

When you go for a walk outside does it make you feel better?

It is finally spring and I went for a walk with my boys (Hoss, Mack & Timber our dogs).

As soon as I headed down the lane to the woods I realized that there is still snow piled up from the winter.  Hoss was excite he had already zoomed on ahead of me with his nose to the ground looking for any critters.  “Wait for me!”  I hollered to the dogs.

Hoss just turned around and looked at me like he was telling me to hurry up.

I tried walking carefully on the clumps of snow.  Sometimes I broke through and went up to my knees in the snow.  The dogs could just glide across the crusty snow without falling through.  I was thinking it’s a good thing that I wore my muck boots because it was either wet from the snow or muddy in the bare spots. 

While I trudged down the lane around the swamp I heard a bird chirping.  I stopped and looked around.  Right there in the tree branch was a robin.  Sure sign of spring!  He had a bright red belly and just sat there chirping loudly at the dogs.  Warning them not to come near him. 

Then I continued my hike back to the woods.  As I approached the woods I heard a loud, long screech almost like a person screaming.  I froze in my tracks and started scanning the woods looking for what could be making that sound.  Then I saw it.  A hawk was flying through the tops of the trees.  I realized that he had spotted me way before I had spotted him.   That was a warning to me.  Then just as quickly he was gone. 

 There were so many signs of wildlife.  In the mud there were turkey tracks everywhere.  Probably scavenging the field for any beans or corn kernels that Brad may have left behind during harvest.  Deer tracks peppered the ground competing with the turkeys for those harvest left overs. 

I also discovered that either the big boys have been traveling back to the woods when no one is looking or there is a bear back in our woods.  Just so you know the chances of having a bear in our woods are slim.  So, the big boys are really sneaky about exploring their surroundings. 

When I got back to the woods I could look at the whole farm from there.  I just stood there drinking in the scene.  It felt good to just get some fresh air even if the snow is taking it’s time going away.  Soon it will be spring and we’ll all be busy starting a new growing season. 


  1. I love the description in this piece Kris. I feel like I'm walking along with you! This time of the year is so unpredictable. I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day. Your pictures are great!

  2. What a beautiful view. I always love the first robin of the season, well my first robin anyway. I haven't seen one yet. I hope to see one soon.