Monday, March 23, 2015

Business Plan

Tonight we are going to the township special meeting to present a business plan to the planning commission.  Last year we purchased a small old fashion farm and have been working on restoring it to it's former self.  We are going to start renting it for special events.  Last fall we had our first wedding for a friend as a trial, I also had my daughter's baby shower and a colleagues retirement party at the farm.  They went well and we have plans to add more features each year.  Before we get too involved we have to make sure that the township will approve the idea.  So, instead of a typical post I decided my business plan would be my slice for the day.  Writing for a variety of purposes in life. 

Old Indian Creek Farm

Owners: Kris and Brad Shrontz
Mission Statement:

Old Indian Creek Farm will be an event center that will be able to accommodate special events such as: weddings, reunions, open houses, family gatherings, etc.  Its simple country atmosphere will appeal to customers looking for that rustic but cozy feeling for their special event and at the same time have many options when planning their event. 
Goals & Objectives:

Our goal is to provide a successful event center that is utilized in some way during every season.  The old hip roof barn is being repaired and will be one option for events.  There are a few smaller outbuildings that will also be available.  The house is furnished and is available to use during the time of their event. There is plenty of parking available on the property. 

Some of our 5 year goals are:

·         Dig a pond in the front of the farm

·         Bring in gravel to the back for additional parking

·         Build a loft in the old hip roof barn to accommodate more people

·         Furnish the old granary to be used as a staging area for getting ready

·         Remodel the bathroom in the house

·         Purchase more tables and chairs

·         Build a deck off the back of the barn

·         Landscape around the house and barn

·         Clean the fence rows around the farm and down by the creek to provide a trail and primitive camping sites

·         Build a small pavilion by the pond

·         Put bathrooms in the barn


  1. Kris - this sounds amazing! Reading about your set up makes me want to plan an event! I'm looking forward to hearing what the township has to say!

  2. I cannot wait to visit someday. I hope it all goes through smoothly. Looks like a great plan.