Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let It Go

I had every intention of sticking with my conviction of writing a slice every day but I let myself down.  Life got in the way and the weekend got away with me.  I had an idea on Friday, along with other ideas floating around in my head that I could write about.
Then I thought "Geez, cut yourself a break, girl!"  We are a busy family running a farm, trucking and logging business.  It's crazy to say the least.  Everyday is a new dilemma to solve.
So, this weekend one of my daughter's semi drivers was in a bad accident while driving one of their rigs.  Luckily their driver was ok, banged up badly but ok.  Unfortunately the other driver did not make it.  After twenty five years of being in the trucking business this is the only accident that has happened which is very fortunate but still was a bad situation. It happened twelve hours away and so my husband and our son-in-law had to go retrieve the driver and the truck. 
My daughter is a new mom and also has two step children ages 2 and 6.  This was the weekend to have them all.  While the boys were away I decided to help her out with the crew. 
What I don't understand is how I can manage 24 children everyday without being totally done in but three children exhaust me. 
The two year old is working on potty training, says "No" or "I can't"  to everything even if it's something he wants. The six year old is a diva with a high pitched voice that doesn't ever stop and she loves using me as a jungle gym which makes the two year old mad because he wants to be on me too which is a challenge when I am holding the baby. 

Kasen reading to Baby Clair
Audrie playing with Crystal -Grandma's Guinea Pig
As the day progressed I was getting wore out from playing with tractors, reading books, watching movies, pretend play in the kitchen, dressing dolls, undressing dolls, reading books, coloring, burping, rocking, getting kids ready to go outside and then turning around a few minutes later to take all their gear off because they don't stay outside more than twenty minutes.   I suggested we go out for breakfast on Sunday. Not sure what I was thinking there!  Three small children in a restaurant!  Thank goodness baby Clair didn't wake up and the waitress knew things could got south with three children because we got our breakfast swiftly. 
Let's just say when I did have a few minutes at home alone I collapsed in my chair and in true grandma fashion nodded off and I am sure that I was probably snoring.  Now I know why grandma's have rocker recliners and it's not to rock the babies. 
When I would pick up my kids from my parent's house after a sleep over I always wondered why my mom looked so tired now I know why. She was spending twenty four seven catering to their every demand. 
Although I was exhausted I loved taking that time to spend with the grand kids and I'm glad I can give myself a break and let things go.  Life happens .. and fast!  Enjoy!
I can't wait until this summer when they can just walk down to Grandma's house. 


  1. Yes, give yourself a break. You are a writer. You are loving your family and gathering ideas along the way. Love the pictures. Glad you wrote.

  2. Oh, sounds like a busy, busy weekend! The trick, which you've found is coming BACK to it, even if you missed a day - so glad you did! Appreciate seeing the chaos through a grandma's eyes!

  3. Welcome back, and you are right to give yourself a break. Write when you can and enjoy this time. What a weekend you had! So sorry about the accident.

  4. Understandably, you have a full plate. Our own children and grandchildren exhaust us more than a room full of other people's children. I think it's because we love our own more and see the stakes as higher.

  5. Sorry to hear about the accident! I'm glad you had some grandma time though! Even though you missed a couple days, you still came back! Good for you!

  6. I agree with everyone else, you came back, good for you. What a whirlwind. I am so sorry about the accident, I know that must of been tough. I'm glad you got the time you did to spend with family, but man I was tired just reading about it, can't imagine going back to those days of exhaustion from little ones. I suppose my day is coming though, the title of "grandma"will be here before I know it.