Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Runny nose...drip, drip
Coughing... hack, hack
Lugee... spit
Sweat beads on the forehead
ache to the bone.. shiver, shake
Head pounds.. bam, bam
squinty eyes... why won't they open
muffled voices... oh that's my own in my head
Deep breath... argh I can't breath through my nose
Kleenex.... after... Kleenex....
Don't get the cheap kind
Or you will end up with a bright red nose that
Everyone will cringe at when talking to you.

Thank you
My lovely students
for not covering your mouth
when you sneeze and cough
Then touching .... everything or everyone in sight.

Wash your hands
Cover your mouth


  1. Not the dreaded winter cold! I hear that Airborne really helps I loved how you weaved together your words. My eyes started to itch and I felt a cough coming on as I read. I will need attempt poetry at some point during this challenge!

  2. Ugh, I can SOOO relate to this! My kindergarten kiddos are terrible about covering their mouths this year. And...let's not forget the "use the sleeve as a kleenex" thing. That's fun too. But, maybe you are getting the winter cold out of the way now and you will be all set until spring! A girl can hope, right? Glad you sliced today!

  3. YAY!!!!!! Yes, I was obnoxious and put a billion exclamation points! YOU SLICED! So happy and a poem! A POEM! How awesome are you. I love it and yes, I am sick of kids rubbing their grimy germs everywhere but especially when it goes directly on me, ugh! I think I need a bubble.

  4. Another poem! Sorry you know the details to describe them so vividly. Hopefully those germs will curl up and die, soon.

  5. HAHAHAHA!! This is *exactly* why I do not teach elementary!! And it is exactly how I explain it to my students when they ask why I picked high school. I still have to remind kids about germs and healthy habits. We still have to talk about covering your mouth.