Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Summer Memory

My inspiration for my post is one this one that I read last night about a summer memory: .   It was written so vividly that I began to think about when I was a little girl growing up visiting my Great Grandma. 
Every summer my parents would ship us off to our Great-Grandma's house in the city for two weeks.  This was a treat for us as we lived in the country and we never spent much time in the city.  Our bikes would get loaded up in the old station wagon.  Mine was lime green with a banana seat, sissy bars with a white wicker basket attached to the front and tassels hanging out the ends. 
My Great Grandma's small house was nestled in among many others in the suburb city of Battle Creek, Michigan called Urbandale. The driveway was nothing but a path because Grandma Alexander didn't have a driver's license, she would either walk to the grocery store or catch the bus into Battle Creek if she needed anything.  When we pulled up the driveway my Grandma would be standing on the screened in porch with housecoat and an apron tied around her waist. 
Her house was nestled in among the tall green evergreen trees, large variegated green Hosta plants and the white picket fence that lined the driveway.  It was a white cottage style house with green wooden shutters that had evergreen cutouts in the middle that were handmade by my Great Grandpa. The garage had white wooden paneled doors that folded out when in use but had been many years since they had been used since my Great Grandpa had passed away a couple years before I was born.  I always imagined they had an old Model T Ford.
In the backyard lavender phlox, bright orange poppies, white daisies, burning bush, hens and chicks and a beautiful magnolia tree that had branches intertwined among each other.  Two aqua green metal lawn chairs sit in the middle of the lawn. Stretched across the tiny lawn was a close line with laundry floating in the breeze and her cloth bag hanging that held the wooden clothespins. 
Towards the back of the yard stood a small gray shed where she kept her rakes, shovels and her lawn mower which was the old wooden kind that was powered by pushing it. 
Going to Great Grandma's was like going to a whole other world different than my country life but it had the feel of a vintage summer cottage that could have been nestled in the woods on a lake in the 1930's.  It was like stepping back in time. 


  1. I've tried to post a comment 3 times now and it doesn't seem to be working.
    Let me try one more time and I apologize if it comes up more than once. I loved the detail in this piece. I could imagine myself there. You should write more entries about memories from those summer trips...turn it into a mini-series.

  2. What vivid memories of your Great Grandma's cottage. You painted a lovely picture with words of a wonderful place!

  3. Wow, I feel like I was just standing there with you! Isn't it funny how the memories can be so vivid? I can still "smell" my grandma's house and picture every detail, even after 23 years.

  4. Your vivid description took me right there! You must have a lot of great memories of that time spent at her house.

  5. Your details were so vivid, anyone who reads this is right there.

  6. And now I feel like I just took a trip to you grandma's house too. Beautiful details.