Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Night Life

Kicking back in my recliner trying to catch up with Jimmy Falon shows on my record list I look over at my husband in his big leather over stuffed chair and I think wow I lead a glamorous life! 
He's got a death grip on the remote and is snoring like a Johnny Popper tractor.  At first it's only a slow rumble, an idle, but then it gradually shifts gears ... first, second, third... getting louder and louder by the moment.  Finally, I can't hear my TV show any more because he's working so hard in the field and the muffler on his tractor must be broken.   I try to be considerate and say, "Hey, Brad."  Of course he can't hear me over his motor sounds so I yell, "Hey, Hey, Hey!"
"Huh, what?" Brad responds groggily.
"You're snoring!" I say.
"I'm not even sleeping."
Of course I think to myself there I go again making things up and he immediately falls back to sleep. Meanwhile we are watching all the commercials on a previously recorded show because they are so great. I finally get him to fast forward through the commercials and next thing you know he's zoomed through the commercials and halfway through the show.  Looking over I see he's back to sleep!
"Hey!"  I yell.
Yep, don't be jealous of my glamorous night life with my husband! This is night life after twenty five years of marriage.


  1. These stories are ones that you will treasure! It may not seem "glamorous" life, but it's a good life!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I can relate!!

  3. This made me laugh out loud! I can relate!!

  4. I think I can relate too. Thank you for sharing your story very funny and oh so real.

  5. Oh this had me laughing from start to finish! We've been married for 14 years and yet we have much the same night life! The falling asleep, the snoring, the clutching of the remote...all so familiar!

  6. I love the comparison here. Hilarious!

  7. The person awake needs control of the remote. :-)
    Yes, life is comfortable, if not always exciting after many years together.