Monday, March 16, 2015

Just Tired

My in-laws just arrived from Florida and will be staying with us until their house that is being built is complete.  The house is far from being done.
They come pulling in with a U-Haul trailer last night and now my garage has piles of their stuff along with piles of my stuff.  My house has boxes piled up and they've claimed my upstairs. 
Last night my husband was snoring uncontrollably and no matter how much coaxing he wouldn't roll over so I went to the couch with my pillow and blanket.  I still could hear him through our paper thin walls.  In between his snores I could hear my father-in-law snoring upstairs.  Even with cotton balls in my ear it was pointless.  I finally just fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion right before my alarm went off! 
On top of everything our family business is in a particularly stressful time and we are facing many tough decisions. 
My in-laws are very good people and well meaning but school may be a good distraction for me for a while.
At this moment I'm just tired and I bought a pair of ear plugs rated for 30 decibels at the grocery store tonight.

A ray of hope - I was inspired today when one of my student was excited to share with me that her slice came from "one simple idea from nature... leaves" She wrote about jumping in piles of leaves.  That is exciting to me because they are beginning to notice the simple things around them that spark ideas to write about.  Living a Writer's Life!


  1. Oh man! As if one snoring man wasn't enough! I'm glad you found some ear plugs for tonight and I wish you a speedy building process! Good luck!

  2. Hopefully after this initial adjustment period, things will be smoother. You are a good wife to let in-laws move in for an indefinite period of time. Love your story of your student.

  3. I think we all understand the in-law game. Mine is in Florida as well and she likes to tell the 7 year old she is coming without regard to the 7 year old not grasping time. So we have been hearing about her visit for months and it isn't going to happen for months. She also just doesn't seem to have a timeline, just whenever she wants to show up and we should rearrange our schedule. She is lovely, but it's a trying time. I think when anyone visits things are just off! I hope you get a good sleep tonight!

  4. Your post made me laugh...two snoring men!! Here's hoping your ear plugs do the trick!!!

  5. Your post made me laugh...two snoring men!! Here's hoping your ear plugs do the trick!!!

  6. This post was one part hilarious, one part hopeful (earplugs) and one part inspirational! I love how your kids are taking on slicing.