Thursday, March 3, 2016

Amarillo Sky

Rocking in my leather recliner chair I watch my three year old grandson, Kasen line up the tractors, hook trailers on semis, and dig deep in the toy tub looking for more farm implements.  "Grandma who's was this truck?" Kasen asks me as he holds up a die-cast semi that was once white but now is roughly painted royal blue.  
"Oh, it was Trent's." I say matter of fact.  "He painted it blue." 
Chuckling he says, "Oh Trent! I love Trent and this blue truck!" 
"Me too!"  I respond with a sigh and a slight smile.
"These were all Trent's toys, right?" He asks
"Yep! Now your playing with them." I answer. 
"Why did you keep them, Grandma?" Kasen continues to inquire.
"Just in case I had a grandson that wanted to come over and play." I reply back.
Kasen nods his head.  "Look this combine has broken wheels! What happened to it?" He continues.
"Oh, Trent probably was rough on it and it broke." I respond.
Kasen nods his head again.  "Silly Trent!"  
I continue to rock slowly in my chair watching Kasen play with Trent's farm toys on the living room floor.  I stop suddenly.  Kasen starts singing..."He just takes the tractor another round...
And pulls the plow across the ground... And sends up another prayer...Another round...."   "That was Trent's favorite song," I say to my grandson.  "Mine too!"  He replies back with a smile as if he already knew.
Kasen's Uncle Trent passed away in 2008, four years before he was born.  "Amarillo Sky" by Jason Aldean was Trent's favorite song and we played it at his funeral.  It warms my heart that even though Kasen never met Trent he knows him and he will always carry him in his heart.  


  1. What nice way to remember Trent and share his joys with your grandson. I love that you hung on to Trent's things to share and help with your own healing.

  2. This is beautiful Kris. A sweet moment with Kasen that held so much more meaning and many more memories for you. It sounds like Kasen has heard many of the stories of Trent, helping him to know him a bit.

  3. What a beautiful story. How wonderful that this moment with your grandson brought back Trent for a few minutes. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. What a touching story, and how wonderful that you can share with your grandson the uncle he never knew.

  5. What a precious connection, like a little hello from above.