Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sharpen Your Saw

When I left school on Friday, I packed my backpack full of school work promising myself that I would get caught up and prepare for conferences that I have on Monday.  I was sure that I would come in over the weekend and do some cleaning.
Let's just say my weekend flew by and I was so busy on the farm that my well intended plans never transpired which unfortunately, my daily slice suffered too.  
Saturday was full of babysitting my granddaughter, Clair. She is 14 months old and is VERY active. I have to watch her every movement because she is also mischievous and will take any opportunity to find trouble.  My house is not baby proof to say the least so when she leaves I have piles of "things"  on my table and counters that she finds laying around that she shouldn't have.  
We took a walk to the barn and I had to pull her away from every mud hole in the driveway.  Clair bleated at the sheep and neighed at the horses all the way to the barn.  Thinking the walk would wear her out, it didn't.  So, I took her for a stroller ride down the lane with a bottle of milk hoping that would do the trick. She loved it talked the whole time sitting up in the stroller pointing at birds, the dogs, and leaves blowing by.
Deciding that a nap was not in the future and neither was my dreams of sneaking some quiet work time in we packed up to go see her mommy working.
Finally, the nap came about a mile down the road, of course.  By the time we got to the woods she was awake and ready to rumble again.  Me? Well I was ready for my nap.  Ashley, my daughter, was working in the woods with her dad on a logging job.  Clair was happy to see her mom and Ashley was happy to see her baby.  
Just a peek into a busy weekend on the farm and I am not ready for tomorrow's conferences but having the distractions from the everyday school stress will sharpen my saw. So, even if I'm not ready it will be fine.


  1. Sweet time with your granddaughter - that matters most! Your conferences will go fine for sure. Parents want to hear what's going well and that's easy to talk about. Have a great week!

  2. What fun! I'm not ready for conferences quite yet either. Feeling like tomorrow is going to be a long day of catch-up!

  3. I think you spent your time well. Conferences will still go just fine, but the day you spent with Clair will fill your bucket much more than school work ever will.