Monday, March 28, 2016

Children and Restaurants

Tonight we had an informal farm business meeting at a restaurant. My daughter, her husband and kids came along.  One year old Clair was impatient, fussing about sitting in the booster seat and Kasen, three years old, sat by Pappa hiding his head in his side obstinate about everything.  
As the discussion got deeper and more serious the children became more restless.  Clair worked her way out of the booster into her dad's lap where she climbed her way into mom's lap.  Finally, able to wiggle her way down she waddled off towards the big giant claw machine.  
Kasen perked up then, "Where is Clair Bear going?"  he said in a very concerned voice.  Not because he was concerned something was going to happen to her but more so that he might miss out.  
So, I decided to do a grandma intervention.
"Come on Kasen let's take a look" I replied as I grabbed his hand.  
About $10 later in quarters we managed to be successful at the claw machine while Clair was entranced by the whole process.  The definition of successful is all in the situation.  We "won" a stuffed item, it was a Betty Boop with a crazy eyed look sitting cross legged in her trade mark short skirt on a birthday cake with candles with big letters that spell June.  Good grief I thought!
Kasen was thrilled at first when he reached in the round hole for the prize.  When he pulled it out and took a good look at it his response was, "Well, this can be Clair Bear's, and the next one will be mine".   When we handed it to Clair she immediately chucked it on the floor.  Even she thought it was hokey. 
As soon as he said "next one" my mind began churning trying to decide what the odds were that we could actually hook two items in one night considering we were even lucky to retrieve one.  Pretty sure I knew the outcome we used up all the quarters that everyone had and the claw came up short every time latching on to nothing.  
Kasen was disgusted to say the least but took it like a champ after I gave him my phone to play with . Although he didn't win anything except a Betty Boop doll he did learn to distinguish a quarter from the other coins because they don't work in the machine.  Hopefully he learned that the claw machine is a rip off too but we will see.  
Taking small children to a restaurant is challenging but they behaved better than can be expected.  


  1. Taking kids along always makes us be more creative than we thought we could be! At least Kasen learned something about money that night.

  2. I agree!!!! We love going to Red Robin or Frickers because they can be loud and it doesn't matter. :)

  3. Oh you may have just told the story of my life! I enjoy taking my kids to restaurants and other new places. HOWEVER, it's always an adventure. You just never know what will happen, who will do well that day and who will lose it. Life with children is always interesting! Sounds like Kasen may have learned some good life lessons today.

  4. I love the description of your grandchildren squirming their way into their parents' laps. You saved the day. Your grandson learned how to identify a quarter, and you gave their parents a break!

  5. We have always brought books. Even now they bring books and they are 16 and 18. Congrats on getting through. ;-)

  6. We have always brought books. Even now they bring books and they are 16 and 18. Congrats on getting through. ;-)