Monday, March 7, 2016

My Sweet Ride

While all my friends were getting cool cars like Volkswagen Rabbits or Monte Carlos.  The car that I was fortunate to have been handed down to me when I was a vulnerable 16 year old was an extremely large 1978 Chevrolet station wagon. 
This is what she looked like brand new!
 I remember the day my dad bought the car home from the local car dealership as a surprise for my mom.  It was almost brand new and was the most obnoxious solid maroon color. My dad was pleased as punch with it because he loved red vehicles but my mom liked to be unobtrusive and a solid maroon five door station wagon screams attention. 
I had three other siblings and I was next to the youngest so my assigned seat was the rear-facing seat in the far back.  Not a fun place to be especially when you are waiting at a stop light and another car pulls up behind you.  Talk about an awkward moment.  What do you do?  Look them in the eye, turn away, pretending not to notice them or make faces at them.  
When I was lucky enough to inherit this beauty she had cancer spots over her entire body which added to her eye appeal.  Driving it to school, I felt anything but cool.  I tried to find the farthest parking spot away from the school.  Hoping that no one would notice that I was the one driving the ginormous red bus.  It was hard not to notice.  My friend Christy would roll in with her Jeep Wrangler wheeling into a spot with ease while I had to do a three point turn just to attempt to fit in a parking space.  
Since, I was lucky enough to have a car given to me I also inherited the responsibility of driving my absent minded brother to school every day.  One day on my way into school we got about a quarter mile down the road and my brother announced that he forgot his book and had to have it.  Furious, I forgot for a moment what I was driving and decided to make a U turn in the middle of the road.  Let's just say she didn't turn on a a dime.  Ending up in the ditch stuck as we sat reclined in our seats because our front end pointed straight up with the wheels just touching the black top I firmly told my brother it was ALL his fault.  
The only time I was proud of my beauty was on my way home from work in a blazing snow storm. She plowed through the two foot snow drifts like it was a cruise ship sailing on the sea.  I believe I passed two or three small cars abandoned on the side of the road because they just didn't have the pushing power that my girl had.  
I was so sad the day she began to burn a lot of oil and began to overheat.  This was the only time I was so excited to be stranded on the side of the road.  It was pure elated joy when my dad gave me the news that the motor was shot! She went to junkyard heaven and I didn't even
cry over her.


  1. Ha, such a beauty! I laughed out loud at your little lesson...she didn't turn on a dime! This is a fantastic tribute to your first girl in junkyard heaven. Love it!

  2. Love it! Reminds me of the beat up olive green nova we had when I was growing up. For quite a while only one door worked so we would all have to pile in the driver's side. Yeah, talk about embarrassing. It got us around but I wasn't too sad when she left the driveway for the last time.

  3. I find it amusing that you didn't like sitting in the back. When I was a kid, we went through a couple of these babies, all of which were hand-me-down cars from my aunt. As a kid, I loved sitting in the "rumble seat," as my grandfather called that backwards facing seat. I'm not sure why, but it seemed exciting!

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