Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy National Agriculture Day!

Today is National Agriculture Day!
This is a small celebration of what the farmer does for you!

If you buy it
It came from a farm
If you eat it
It came from a farm
If you wear it
It came from a farm

Just take a moment and think about what you ate tonight.
McDonald's burger meal:
Farmers raised the wheat and eggs for the bun,
Farmers raised the beef for the hamburger patty
Farmers raised the onions, tomatoes and lettuce for extras
Farmers raised the ketchup, mustard and pickles for condiments
Farmers raised the potatoes for the french fries
Farmers raised the corn for the soda pop

Just take a moment and think about the clothes you wear
Farmers raised the cotton for the t-shirt
Farmers raised sheep for the wool sweater
Farmers raised the livestock for the leather

Did you know that the crayons your students use are made from soybeans?
Or the fuel you put in your car or pickup truck has ethanol from corn and that soybeans can make diesel?
Or that many of your cosmetics, hair products, cleaning products, and paints are made from by-products of livestock?
Oh and by the way that gum you love to chew ... well, that is made from the hooves of pigs and cattle.

And if you think... wait a minute, my furniture didn't come from a farmer!  I hate to disappoint you because the forestry is considered part of the agriculture industry!
So there!

This is just a small list of what the farmer provides for you!
If you bought it, ate it, wore it, used it, sat on it...
Well you get the idea!
Take the time to thank the farmers!
They work hard for YOU!


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  2. Thank you for the reminder of what farmers and their families do for us. Unsung heroes who I sometimes think are endangered. My husband and I had a conversation just tonight on our way home from the barn where I board my horse, about soybeans. As we passed what in the summer is a field filled with soybeans, we were discussing what they are used for. I had no idea crayons could be added to our list!